We are a specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop from Hamilton, Ontario.

We believe that sourcing our green coffee transparently is vital. We source coffees that have been grown and processed ethically and responsibly. We like to know everything we can about our coffees so that we can fully appreciate the unique flavour characteristics of each coffee we roast. Whenever possible, we seek to establish sustainable, long-term relationships with the farmers that produce the coffee we buy.

We roast our coffee with intentionality. We seek to highlight the best flavours in every coffee we roast, bringing out the unique flavours each coffee has to offer. Typically we use only one profile for each coffee we roast. We roast to find profiles that best suit each coffee we offer while creating roast profiles suited to a wide range of palates.

We believe that communicating with our customers will help make good coffee approachable for everyone. By making information about our coffee available, we hope to help our customers make informed decisions about the coffee they buy.

We seek to create community through our coffee shop. We work to be a valuable contribution to our city’s wonderful culture and work with other local businesses that are doing great things.