We roast our coffees freshly every week.

We develop unique roast profiles for all of our coffees in order to highlight their unique flavour characteristics and to create a diverse range of offerings and roast styles.

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Peru - Penachi
Producer: CECANOR Co-op
Region: Lambayeque, Cajamarca, San Martin, and Amazonas
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Catimor
Process: Washed and sun-dried, hand sorted
Altitude: 1000-1800 meters
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, vanilla, chocolate, nutty

Sumatra - Kokowagayo
Producer: Gayo Women’s Coffee Co-operative
Region: Tekengon, Sumatra
Variety: Bourbon, Tim Tim (Catimor), Ateng Super
Process: Semi-washed & washed, double-picked
Altitude: 1200 - 1500 meters
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Tasting Notes: Earthy, raspberry, salted caramel, subtly smoky


Costa Rica - La Amistad
Producer: Hacienda La Amistad
Region: Brunca - San Vito, Biolley District
Varieties: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Hand-picked, fully washed
Tasting Notes: Guinness, milk chocolate, malt


Papua New Guinea - Enorga
Producer: HOAC Co-operative
Region: Okapa Valley
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo, Caturra
Process: Washed, sun-dried
Altitude: 1300-1750 meters
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, nougat, apple juice


Rwanda - Nyamagabe
Producer: Nyamagabe Farmers
Region: Bufundu/Nyamagabe
Varieties: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600-1950 meters
Harvest: 2015
Tasting Notes: Blood orange, red grape, banana


Nicaragua - La Esperanza
Producer: Armando Zeledon
Region: San Juan Del Rio Coco
Varieties: Caturra, Yellow Catuai, Typica
Process: Washed, dried on raised beds and patio dried
Altitude: 1300 meters
Harvest: 2015-2016
Tasting Notes: Orange, white grape, red currant, floral

Brazil Peaberry - Peaberry Blend
Farms: Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama, Fazenda Recreio, Fazenda Rainha
Region: Mogiana
Variety: Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1050-1250 meters
Tasting Notes: Nutty, red apple, berries


Decaf Peru - Blend
Producer: APECAM, APRYSA, & Satipo Co-ops
Regions: Soritor, Moyobamba, San Martin, San Nicolas, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, and Junin
Process: Fully washed
Decaffeination: Swiss Water®
Harvest: 2014-2015
Certification: Fair Trade, Organic
Tasting Notes: Toffee, lemon candy, graham cracker